The 2019 General Assembly was a long session or budget session.

It adjourned on Wednesday, April 24th. “The 2019 Indiana General Assembly has been marked by movement of positive bills out of one of chamber related to mass transit (SB 285), redistricting reform (SB 105), and solar energy (HB 1331). It has been marked by forward progress — in terms of enactment into law — for water infrastructure (SB 4, HB 1406). Our budget proposals related to drinking water and wilderness protection garnered more bipartisan allies. However, the legislature has also shown major, major signs, once again, of the undue influence of special interests, as we saw on bills related to protecting Hoosiers from factory farm pollution (HB 1378), dealing with stormwater control (HB 1266), dealing with electricity infrastructure (HB 1470), and pertaining to freedom of speech (SB 471); the latter three bills will put Hoosiers, on balance, in a worse off position. There is so much work needed to be done to advance the public interest in the Indiana General Assembly. Citizens must speak out at every moment that they can with their lawmakers. They must engage their families, neighbors, congregants, and social networks. We can truly take our state to the next level if we recognize how much environmental issues are intertwined with our health, economic prosperity, and quality of life, and only vigorous citizen engagement can make that happen. I want to express my great appreciation to Tim Maloney, Dr. Indra Frank, Amanda Shepherd, Kim Ferraro, Marianne Holland, and the rest of the HEC Team for all of their dedication this session — and every day — and to our many engaged grassroots supporters & partners.” – Jesse Kharbanda, Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council.

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