Our Impact

Throughout 2018, we’re rolling out #35ways in which HEC has made a major difference for people, animals and our environment over our 35 year history. 


Our Impact in 2017

The Hoosier Environmental Council’s focused direction led HEC and our partners to five major victories in 2017:

1.) Defeated a proposed law that would have concealed critical information from communities threatened by factory farms.

2.) Helped secure significant new money for maintenance of our state parks.

3.) Organized the most significant bi-partisan opposition to an Indiana utility lobby-backed bill that our state has ever seen, paving the way for future victories.

4.) Secured a historic legal victory for families harmed by factory farm pollution ensuring that they will have their day in court despite Indiana’s unjust Right to Farm laws.

5.) Won new protections for families at risk from toxic lead contamination.

Our Impact Year-After-Year

HEC is proud to be a leader in the movement for positive change in Indiana – achieving victories for healthier waterways, more abundant forests, and cleaner, safer communities. HEC works constantly to:

1.) Protect fellow Hoosiers from coal ash, factory farm waste, and industrial toxins – challenges that affect citizens across Indiana.

While air and water quality have improved for most Hoosiers over the last half century, there are neighborhoods and communities that are seriously hurting from toxic exposure. We’re standing up for them in places as diverse as urban Indianapolis and East Chicago to rural Hendricks and rural Morgan County.

2.) Achieve state-level climate solutions.

We’ve been actively involved in initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions from Indiana’s three largest sources: agriculture, energy, and transportation. And we’ve been the leader in the effort to permanently safeguard a precious riparian forest, which will create a permanent and significant carbon sink along the White River.

3.) Be your year-around eyes-and-ears in the Indiana Statehouse.

It’s not unusual for HEC to be monitoring 50 to 75 bills when the Indiana legislature is in session. We’re looking after your air and water, and helping to foster a more sustainable future. And our vigilance does not end with the end of the legislative session we’re monitoring developments there every month of the year.

4.) Provide trainings & workshops that empower you to make greater impact.

We can’t transform Indiana for the better without a movement of informed and passionate advocates with us across Indiana like you. HEC hosts monthly volunteer trainings, facilitates workshops across Indiana, and is a frequent presenter at large forums.

Our Impact Over HEC’s 35 Years

HEC is celebrating our 35th Anniversary this year!   From now till the end of December, we’ll be rolling out victories that we’ve secured over the course of thirty-five years.   Here are the first few that we have announced!

Win #1: In the early ’80s, the Hoosier National Forest was vulnerable to aggressive logging and oil & gas drilling. Not sitting on our hands, HEC and our allies mobilized thousands of Hoosiers to push back against this misguided plan. And we won – with the U.S. Forest Service adopting the vast majority of our alternative plan. It was a victory that, to this day, has preserved the integrity of this ~200,000 acre national treasure (posted on 3/5/18).


Win #2: A coalition of groups, including HEC, secured the closure of toxic coal ash dumps at the former coal plant at Harding St. in Indianapolis in 2016 (posted on 3/29/18).


Win #3: In our first decade, HEC played a critical role in securing stronger statewide protections of our rivers & lakes, despite considerable special interest opposition (posted on 4/2/18).


Win #4: In 2014, HEC achieved a legal victory on behalf of a Wayne County family whose drinking water well was contaminated and quality of life destroyed for nearly a decade from the constant waste dumping of a factory farm built just 500 feet and upstream of their home (posted on 4/2/18).


Win #5:  In 2012, millions of tons of toxic steel-making waste were just 200 feet from Lake Michigan. Thanks to HEC’s legal action, the steel mill agreed to properly monitor and clean up that waste (posted on 4/26/18).


Win #6: In 2018, HEC and our allies defeated HB 1318, which would have repealed a requirement for there to be a half-mile setback distance between landfills and residences in Gary, Indiana (posted on 5/1/18).


Win #7: In 2017, HEC led the advocacy effort that helped result in Indianapolis adding a section to its Land Use Plan explicitly affirming principles of environmental justice, for the first-time ever, in its Land Use Plan; land use planning was historically used, across the country, as a tool for discrimination (posted on 5/9/18).


Win #8: Our legal action last decade resulted in the Indiana Supreme Court in 2005 affirming the doctrine of associational standing under Indiana law. This decision gives small grassroots groups of all types the ability to challenge government and big business in court (posted on 5/14/18).


Win #9: Since the 1970s, Hartford Iron & Metal has grown from a junkyard nestled in a neighborhood to a multi-acre industrial site with heavy equipment. A site assessment in 2010 showed extensive PCB contamination. IDEM required a clean-up, but the clean-up process stalled. The Hoosier Environmental Council analyzed Hartford Iron’s more than 2,000-page environmental compliance record in 2015 and helped the community — with local leadership provided by Blackford County Concerned Citizens — bring their concerns with the site to IDEM’s attention, which resulted in more rapid clean-up (posted 5/29/18).
Win #10: HEC, in partnership with Save the Valley and the Indiana Wildlife Federation, coordinated a seven year campaign in the 1990s to secure the establishment of the Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge on 50,000 acres at a former munitions testing facility. Big Oaks — established in 2000 — is the largest national wildlife refuge in the lower Midwest (posted 6/18/18).
Win #11: One of our landmark legal victories was a result of our coal ash campaign: In 2002, HEC sought review of IDEM’s renewal of a coal ash permit. The power plant owner challenged HEC’s standing to bring this case. In 2005 & 2012, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld a Court of Appeals decision that established the doctrine of associational standing under Indiana law. Such standing refers to the right of membership organizations like HEC to represent their members in legal actions (posted 6/25/18).
Win #12: A coalition of groups — including HEC — led the advocacy push (in 2011) for the successful modernization of Indiana’s public policy pertaining to on-site renewable energy generation. That new policy opened the door for all energy users – including places of worship, businesses, and factories — to take advantage of “net metering” and also increased the size of eligible renewable energy systems 100 fold compared to previous policy (posted 7/1/18).
Win #13: Using part of the proceeds of a successful public interest coalition lawsuit, HEC teamed up with the American Lung Association of the Midwest & other groups to launch a first-in-the-nation program that replaced the dirtiest outdoor wood boilers with zero emission solar energy & geothermal systems. Learn more at itsdoablegorenewable.org (posted 7/9/18).