Protecting Mississinewa River Watershed and Muncie Residents from Massive Hog CAFO

On behalf of several Muncie residents, we recently filed an administrative appeal of IDEM’s decision to allow a massive hog CAFO to be built within the Mississinewa River watershed and a residential community. The CAFO will have 10,560 “wean to finish” hogs in four production buildings each with underground waste pits for collecting an estimated 4.2 million gallons of animal waste and process wastewater that will be produced annually. The CAFO site is dramatically ill-conceived because:


  • There are more than 200 homes within a mile of the CAFO site, many within ½ mile;
  • Groundwater on which area residents rely for their drinking is a mere 9” to 11” below the surface and, therefore, extremely vulnerable to surface contamination;
  • The CAFO’s four waste pits with the capacity to hold more than 4 million gallons of urine, feces and livestock production wastes will be built within the water table;
  • The CAFO site and its waste disposal sites are all within the watershed of the Mississinewa River, very near its tributaries including Holdren Ditch and Big Lick Creek which are already impaired waterways due to E.coli contamination from animal waste.

We are also urging the Delaware County Commissioners to reinstate the temporary moratorium on issuing any new building permits for CAFOs—starting with the building permit for the IDEM approved hog CAFO—until such time that the County: (a) takes necessary time to comprehensively study the issue; and, (b) enacts a more protective zoning ordinance. If the County does not take necessary action to protect its citizens’ health, safety, welfare and property rights, HEC is prepared to take legal action on behalf of the impacted community.