sam_at_computer_2010Samuel Henderson

Sam Henderson is an intern at the Valparaiso office, supporting HEC’s work with legal and factual research.  A longtime Northwest Indiana resident, Sam was a member of the very first stewardship crew for the Shirley Heinze Land Trust in the 1990s.  Today, when Sam isn’t slaving away at a hot keyboard for HEC, he works as a freelance legal and patent translator.  He holds certifications in translation from Korean, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Danish into English, and has also passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and is a member of the patent bar.  Sam has a B.A. from Shimer College and a master’s degree in applied linguistics.  He is currently a J.D. candidate at Valparaiso University Law School, where he writes and edits for the Valpo Law Blog.


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