Are you interested in learning more about native plants, but aren’t sure where to start? Explore these resources below and begin your native plant journey! Also, be sure to check out our blog – Q&A – Your Native Plants Frequently Asked Questions – for more resources and a recording of our webinar about the benefits of native plants.

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The Go-To Website

Indiana Native Plant Society: You can find just about anything you need about native plants on the INPS site

Select Native Plant, Tree, & Seed Sources

Directories for Indianaeach lists many sources for natives in addition to those listed below

Native Plants

Native Trees & Shrubs

Native Seeds – Mail Order

When purchasing from a seed company, take the extra step of asking the provenance of the seed you are considering. The goal is to acquire seeds that were harvested closest to your location and ecoregion. Reputable seed companies have information on file for every seed lot that they carry and may have a different number of lots and ecotypes for each species, depending on the year’s harvest. Typically, this information is available only on request. (Source: INPS Seeds page.)

Native Plant Services (Designers, Restoration, Planners, Etc.)

Choosing Plants and Native Plant Information

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Lawns vs. Native Plants

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