Community Learning Center — Kendallville, IN

The Community Learning Center in Kendallville, IN hosts this concrete-ballasted, 455kW solar panel system on their flat roof. Being a non-profit organization does not eliminate the overhead costs that traditional businesses face, however the CLC is now able to offset a large portion of their electrical loads throughout the year with solar power.

Dairy Queen — Kendallville, IN

Ice cream made from the sun? This 10kW system is located at Dairy Queen in Kendallville, IN and is a fairly unique system. Although you may never see it in person, this flat-roof mounting system for the solar panels has no penetrations going through the roof (not even for the wiring) and uses a ballast-weighted system, preventing unwanted leaks over the lifetime of the roof while ensuring the integrity and warranty of the roof. This type of mounting system also allows for flexibility of installing panels around other physical landmarks on the roof, due to it’s modular design aspect. It is also paired with special equipment to reduce the effects of shading by adjusting the power output on a per-panel basis, also known as optimizing, meaning more power output where it would otherwise be lost.

Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne

With their new 88kW solar panel system installed, the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne will be able to reduce their yearly overhead costs, allowing them to direct those valuable resources into their community-driven programs and mission.

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