Did you know that raising animals for food accounts for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of worldwide land use, 30% of global fresh water consumption, and is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction?

For the past few years, HEC has served a vegan breakfast and lunch at Greening the Statehouse to demonstrate how delicious eating plant-based can be. Since GTS is virtual this year, here are some vegan meal ideas from our HEC Green Business partners. Plan ahead for a sustainable, nutritious and on-mission GTS2020!

Make these dairy-free Garlic Mashed Potatoes for dinner on Friday, then use the leftovers to make Mashed Potato Casserole for Saturday lunch. Recipes from Gaia Chef/Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe.

Foods Alive has hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. Plus, it never hurts to have some flax crackers on hand for a snack!

Check out Sea Salt & Cinnamon’s Facebook page for information and menus for pick-up/delivery.

Own Your Health, by Glen Merzer of Bloomington, IN, has more than 75 plant-based recipes. Here is a recipe by Glen’s wife, Joanna Samorow-Merzer, that would be a perfect snack to have on hand during GTS.


1 medium-sized eggplant
¼ cup chopped scallions
2 Tablespoons tahini
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
Pepper, to taste.

Wrap eggplant in aluminum foil and bake at 400 degrees F for 60 minutes (or until soft). Remove from the foil and pull the skin off the eggplant while still hot. Scoop out eggplant seeds and discard. Mash the peeled eggplant and chopped scallions together using a fork or wooden spoon. Add the tahini and lemon juice and mix well. Season to taste with pepper.