Guest Author: Cooper Powers, Greenscape Geeks

Through our proud partnership with the Hoosier Environmental Council, Greenscape Geeks is thrilled to build up the importance of our mission: provide people with beautiful, natural landscapes through the usage of native plants and sustainable ecological practices.

Your yard is more than just a patio and grill holder, it is a veritable ecosystem that requires balance and nurturing to reach its fullest potential. Maintaining a green mindset is more than just embracing the color and label, though. Building a commensal relationship with the environment around you is an important piece of the climate puzzle we’re piecing together. Just like the “a-ha” moment of the right pieces falling into place, Greenscape Geeks is excited to offer solutions and insights to help get you started on the path to extending your green-minded capabilities and, in the process, discover a world of returns you never thought possible.

Greenscape Geeks posts #nativeplantfriday on Facebook every week with educational info and photos of plants native to our region.

The whole process of building (or re-building) ecology begins locally. Every climate and biome—a naturally occurring community of plants and animals—is unique in its composition but tends to follow a set of rules about how it can operate in a replenishing, cyclical manner. Without getting too far into the weeds (we’re punny here at Greenscape Geeks, bear with us), just know that local plants and animals react and adapt according to the rules they are surrounded by!

As mentioned before, the cornerstone of Greenscape Geeks business is the usage of an area’s native plants that help fend off invasive species, attract local pollinators that help grow food crops, and much more! Native plant usage accounts for the species that have been present in areas like the Midwest for the just beyond the last century which have kept natural areas flourishing before the agricultural boom of the 20th century. Consider the vast prairies that have diminished over the past several decades with little to no replenishment; these areas do not rebuild themselves in a vacuum and need our help. Greenscape Geeks understands the confusion behind what to use and what not to use regarding native species and it is our mission to keep interacting with the communities we build to help demystify and clarify. Our designs incorporate native plants in a beautiful and functional way that works cooperatively with your existing landscape.

Using native plants goes beyond benefitting your local bird and bees, however. The return on your ecologically sound investment can come in a variety of ways depending on what you want.

  • Our shade and pollinator gardens are certain to bring the gorgeous monarch butterflies in.
  • Food gardens are a fantastic way to break free of big chain markets for the freshest produce; it is totally grown on your own!
  • If you’re encountering problems with your yard flooding or grass not growing, look no further than Greenscape Geeks sustainable alternatives to regrading or sod-laying.
  • Our landscape architects are seasoned pros at finding the flow of your property for a rain garden to alleviate backyard swamps.
  • And our organic hydroseeding helps to regrow fuller and thicker than sod alone.

Greenscape Geeks can talk about sustainable practices and environmental stewardship until the cows come home (here’s hoping) but you and your property should be recognized for the diligence and part played in the environmental community. The green-minded community is active in Indiana, with non-profits and grant sponsorships to help subsidize or rebate your planned project.

Even if you plan to relocate your homestead in the future, natural hardscape installations increase your property values while diminishing a cultivated footprint for a self-sustaining piece of land. Encouragement to live simply and naturally is everywhere and you’ll find kind-hearted help and responsiveness from the Hoosier family. We look forward to interacting more with the Hoosier Environmental Council for our future posts about food production, waste reduction, and water management for a healthy, bright future!

Greenscape Geeks Fall Tips

Fall is a good time to take care of several different areas of your landscape, including:

  • mulching and pruning one last time before the real cold weather sets in
  • a compost tea fall application to keep your lawn healthy from the upcoming freeze
  • it’s a good time of year to plant perennials or any trees