HEC recently hosted our 11th annual Greening the Statehouse. We’re fortunate to have a green-minded audience that is aware of their waste and wants to do the right thing. Yet, inevitably, a bottle ends up in the compost or trash finds its way to the recycling bin. And if it happens at the largest annual gathering of environmental advocates in our state, we’re pretty positive it happens elsewhere.

Julia Spangler, Sustainable Events Consultant displaying at Greening the Statehouse 2018

Enter HEC Green Business Julia Spangler, Sustainable Events Consultant. She’d like to ask you this:

Have you ever been bothered by any of the following at an event?

  • Guests (and staff) throwing trash into the recycling bins
  • No recycling bins in sight, even though the event is serving bottles, cans, and other recyclables
  • Perfectly edible pans of food being thrown away
  • The default use of plastic and polystyrene serviceware
  • Tons of leftover swag items that are now outdated due to event branding
  • The sheer volume of waste thrown away at the end of the night

If so, you might enlist her services.

For event professionals

Enroll in Julia’s online course: How to Plan Zero Waste Events. In the course, she offers practical ways to remove the barriers to responsible waste management. After taking the course, you will part of the solution to creating a more sustainable events industry. The course is applies to all different types of events, including corporate meetings, fundraisers, banquets, festivals, conferences, weddings, lunches, receptions, trade shows, and more. Sign up before December 31, 2018, to take advantage of her introductory discount.

For venues

Consider becoming a sustainable venue partner of Julia Spangler, Sustainable Events Consultant. The value that her consultation adds to your venue will make you top-of-mind for individuals and organization seeking a green venue.

For everyone else

If you’re hosting an event, consider hiring Julia and/or working with one of her sustainable venue partners. Julia offers everything from green wedding packages to full-scale events with measurable results.

If you are in need of an event coordinator for smaller-scale events and want to be sure to incorporate sustainability measures, IndyLiving Popup can assist you with creating a low- to zero-waste event.