(This piece was originally published on December 4, 2018 by the Pharos-Tribune.)

Chesterfield and Daleville are on board to collaborate on the Mounds Greenway project going through the two towns.

The Chesterfield Town Council signed a letter of interest on the Hoosier Environmental Council project at town hall on Monday.

The Mounds Greenway would be a linear park along the White River with boundaries that follow the White River, with a trail that connects from the western limit of the Muncie White River greenway to the eastern limit of the Anderson White River trail, Tim Maloney, senior policy director of Hoosier Environmental Council, said at the meeting.

Maloney said the Hoosier Environmental Council thinks the Daleville to Chesterfield segment of the trail is a good place to start working on the project. The proposal both town councils signed only shows interest and is not financially binding, but it is impactful, he said.

“A lot of the funding options out there are focused on regional-type projects,” Maloney said. “The more the state knows that the communities are interested, the more funding goes to those projects.”

The project is in its early stages, but Maloney said the HEC has contacted landowners along the White River regarding the projects.

“We’ve talked to the landowners,” he said. “The landowners are listening. There are no hard and fast agreements yet.”

Councilman Scott Hardin suggested the council appoint a council representative for the project to streamline communication with Daleville. The representative will be chosen at a later date.


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