Being green has been important to Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station (BRICS) since they opened alongside the Monon Trail. From their tasting spoons to their lighting to their paper products, they make choices that are more gentle on the environment. For these reasons, we have been proud to call them an HEC Green Business for three years (and counting)!

Recently BRICS started making their own vegan ice cream in-house. The dairy-free dessert has a coconut milk base and they add a variety of inclusions to make several different delicious flavors. Manager, Kirstie, says, “I really like the creative element of making our own flavors and we love finding new fan favorites!”

They typically have 4-6 vegan flavors available, using inclusions like cookies, mint, dark chocolate, and fruit. A few of the most popular flavors are Biscoff Cookie Butter, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Mocha Oreo Crunch.

BRICS matcha chip and cookies & cream

BRICS customers can order vegan ice cream by the scoop, as a shake, in a float, or even in a vegan waffle cone. You may also custom order a vegan ice cream cake! BRICS can set up a sundae bar at a wedding or other events, and their space is available for parties.

Right now, vegan ice cream accounts for less than 2% of BRICS’ total sales. Even if you aren’t vegan, try a taste on one of their reusable tasting spoons to see just how creamy and delicious it is!

Why vegan ice cream?

Nearly 10% of all milk produced in the United States is used for ice cream production and it takes three gallons of milk to produce one gallon of ice cream. Meanwhile, according to various sources the average American eats somewhere between 22 and 48 pints of ice cream a year! However, as you know from HEC’s sustainable agriculture work, the animal agriculture industry can take its toll on the environment. From water usage to waste disposal to methane emissions, dairy cows play a role in climate change.

We recommend taking your Meatless Monday pledge one step further by indulging in vegan ice cream from BRICS!