Minnesota Town of 800 revels in status as a “trail town.”

by Bob Weaver



In a previous post, we highlighted the Monon Trail, a largely urban/suburban trail that runs through the heart of Indianapolis’ northside, north into Hamilton County. Specifically, the topic was economics and the explosion of breweries and brewpubs associated with the Monon Trail. What about rural trails? Do they spawn a network of brewpubs? In some cases. We do see them spurring economic activity, brewpubs and otherwise.

A case in point is Minnesota’s Root River Trail. Follow this link to read an American Trails profile of Root River Trail and the amazing little town, Lanesboro (pop 800), that has created an enviable trail town economy built around tourism, recreation and leisure. We hope you’re inspired as you read about these towns and others as you consider how the Mounds Greenway can become an asset in our community.


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