Indy2By Shar Kipfer, Community Relations and Development Coordinator

I admit it.  I’m a big fan of – and a huge cheerleader for – the Hoosier Environmental Council. I have been for some years now. About a year ago, with a ton of enthusiasm and a fair bit of life experience, I was thrilled to land a position at HEC.  And so, the classic scenario, “Q: What brings you to Indianapolis?  A: Work” played out.

In our nation’s 12th largest city, for someone like me who generally eschews the big box, big chain for somewhere with personality and a sense of place, how does one go about finding a new  favorite pizza place?  A new dry cleaner?  The best place to buy your co-worker a birthday card?  The greenest grocery store or best bank?

Enter HEC’s Green Business program, for Indiana businesses that want to demonstrate their commitment to environmental progress in Indiana.  These businesses share our goal at HEC of making Indiana a better place to live and, naturally, a better place to do business.  What better way to find the services I need in a new, big city, to explore Indy if you will, than by supporting those businesses that support HEC!

Silver-in-the-City-Mass-Ave-540What are businesses with a true commitment to sustainability that support HEC like, you may ask?  Smart, for one. Creative also. Friendly. Reasonably priced.  Service- and quality-oriented. A nice place to spend part of my day. Classic Cleaners, Pogue’s Run Grocer, Silver in the City, Sun King, BRICS…they’ve all drawn me back time and again. Starbucks, you suggest? Nah, let’s meet up at Neal Brown Hospitality’s Pizzology. Their food is delicious and they’re an HEC Green Business!

Occasionally in my work I call up someone interested in having their own solar panels.  Depending on where they live, I can recommend Inovateus, MPI,  Rectify, or Morton Solar.  When I meet someone looking to reduce their food miles I can recommend Husk products, a Greenfield-based Green Biz that sources from local, sustainable farmers, gives opportunities to other food entrepreneurs and can be found at your local Marsh Supermarket. Or, beyond Indianapolis, at Martin’s.

purrfectplay-logoYou didn’t think all HEC Green Businesses were located in Indy, did you?  PurrfectPlay, an internet but also brick-and-mortar shop out of Chesterton, makes a wooly “ping pong” ball of durable, safe-to-chew 100% organic cotton that gets my 10-year-old kitties running across the hardwood like nobody’s business.

So, if you’re looking to put your money where your mouth is by supporting businesses in line with your values – fostering cleaner water and air, promoting sustainable and local food, investing in clean energy and 21st century transportation  technologies – lend your support to  an HEC Green Business. Or two, or three, or ten. You’ll be supporting a Hoosier business owner who prides themselves in being part of the voice of the people for the environment in Indiana.


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