IP trainI took my two oldest girls up to Chicago a couple of weeks ago in order to celebrate my oldest daughter, Adara’s, birthday at WizardWorld ComicCon. We decided to take the Hoosier State Line from Indy in order to save the stress of traveling and parking – and also to cut back on our carbon emissions. Riding on the train was a wonderful experience from start to finish! We arrived downtown at the station early (I won’t say “bright” because the sun was not yet peaking over the horizon at 5:00 a.m.) and easily printed our tickets at one of the kiosks next to the ticket window. Boarding was just as effortless – an Amtrak employee met us next to one of the rail cars and helped us get our carry-on bags loaded. The seats were incredibly roomy and quite comfortable.

HoosierStateTrainMenuThe train left the station right on time and we thoroughly enjoyed the view from the tracks as we made our way north. My 9-year-old, Hannah, was completely enthralled with the idea of being on a train and was positively giddy for the majority of the 5 hour trip. We read, we listened to music on our phones, we may have napped just a little, and we ate in the dining car, which offers full meals.

We arrived in Chicago at our appointed time and disembarked with no problems, again assisted by the wonderful staff. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful service and leave the worry and stress of driving behind you!


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