In 2009, under a Republican Governor, Indiana enacted a positive, far-reaching clean energy program that is referred to as “the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard”. The most ambitious energy efficiency program in Indiana’s history, this initiative required each major utility in Indiana to increasingly reduce their customer’s total use of energy.

Senate Bill 340 seeks to undermine this positive program. On February 3, the Indiana Senate passed this bill by a vote of 37-11. Now, SB 340 will head to the Indiana House of Representatives.

In response to the Senate vote, Jesse Kharbanda, Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council, said:

“Governor Pence and Speaker Bosma have pledged that ‘Indiana must…look for every opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.’ Sustaining a proven, statewide energy savings program – brought into being thanks to their fellow conservative Mitch Daniels – is a key part of Indiana being true to staying ahead of its competition. We hope that wisdom prevails in the House and with the Governor, and Indiana does not adopt SB 340 into law. SB 340 would undo a great legacy of the Daniels Administration and undermine long-stated goals of creating the best toolbox for economic development.”


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