That is the purpose of Earth Hour.
Earth Hour is a global initiative to get people to take action on climate change issues…and for one hour, designated Earth Hour, everyone in support turns off their lights. Last year, hundreds of millions of people across 135 countries switched off their lights for one hour and became involved in the movement to finally address global climate change.

This year, HEC celebrated Earth Hour with Aveda – our partners for the month of April for the third year in a row. The Aveda store in Keystone Mall turned off the lights and we all celebrated by candlelight for a full hour. Our hosts from Aveda provided snacks, wine, beer, and tons of free samples to the attendees, who joined in eco-trivia games, enjoyed free seated chair massages, and bid on the items in the silent auction (including two necklaces from Tiffany & Co.) The amazing ladies at Aveda get a tip of the official HEC hat for tackling such a huge issue and finding an innovative way to engage people in the issues…and, of course, for having the courage, as a business, to commit to lights out for a full hour.

Aveda’s Earth Hour celebration was only the beginning. This event kicked off our Earth Month campaign, where HEC will partner with Aveda to fight for cleaner water. Aveda salons around the state will host events – such as a walk/run for water, yoga events, socials and drinks for a cause – to bring together communities and start educating and fundraising for improvements in Indiana’s water quality.

We don’t want to sound like salespeople, but Aveda really has done incredible things for the environment. From their eco-friendly products to their company’s dedicated efforts throughout Earth Month, this is one company we have no qualms in supporting. Hopefully you will want to support them too, as we celebrate Earth Month together!

For more information about Aveda, to find events in your local community, or to learn more about the water quality challenges we Hoosiers face, please visit us at

–By Falon French

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