By Jesse Kharbanda, HEC Executive Director

HEC was recently on Capitol Hill, representing our supporters on the grossly unaddressed problem of coal ash.  The absence of any federal safeguards on coal ash – laden with metals that can be carcinogenic in high doses – is one of the most serious environmental health issues unaddressed by our nation.   And while the EPA has taken the encouraging step of developing the first federal rule to reduce exposure from this pollutant, a section of Congress – with supporters from both parties – has wanted to derail that effort.  And these Congressmen have unfortunately succeeded so far, with HR 2273 – a bill that effectively shuts down EPA’s rule making process on coal ash — passing the U.S. House.

HEC met with the offices of Congressmen Burton, Donnelly, Pence, Rokita, and Stutzman, informing each office on Indiana-specific dimensions of this problem, and taking all U.S. Representatives from Indiana – but Andre Carson – to task for voting for this damaging bill.

 HEC will always fight to represent the voices of our supporters, but what amplifies our impact is when you get involved.   Social and tax issues can propel legions of people to reach their Congressmen, but environmental concerns must do the same.  Part of the rollback on environmental protection is driven by economic anxiety, but part of it is driven by the fact that there are not enough of us who will take the time to contact our Congressman to push to protect our environment in tough economic times.   A prime opportunity before us is to stop a damaging coal ash bill from passing the U.S. Senate.   Learn more and act today!

Thank you for your commitment to citizenship that is a daily, not yearly responsibility!
 Jesse Kharbanda
 Executive Director
 Hoosier Environmental Council

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