Do you want to help improve public transit in Indiana, but aren’t sure what you can do to make it happen? Join HEC and our partners as we push for the 2012 Indiana General Assembly to authorize voter referenda that would allow communities to create dedicated and adequate funding for public transit. The referenda would allow Indiana communities to have the opportunity to choose to fund transit initiatives such as designing, construction, operation and maintenance of a transit system that would serve their community. If you believe voters should have the opportunity to decide whether their community will dedicate local revenue for transit systems, sign the electronic petition today!  Visit:

After you’ve signed on, send the petition to your friends, family, and coworkers and ask them to support public transit as well.

But wait. There’s more! Do you work for an employer that would like to have a more mobile workforce? Are you a member of an organization supports more transportation choices, cleaner air, and reduced traffic congestion? Or are you a business owner that would like to see local government invest in improving your community? If so, your business or organization can demonstrate your support by passing a resolution calling for voter referenda.

You can read HEC’s resolution here.

Later this summer, we will present all of the passed resolutions and signed petitions to the members of the Indiana General Assembly. Together, we can show our elected officials that the demand for public transit is strong and that Hoosiers want the chance to express our support at the ballot box!


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