East Fork White River flood waters flow across SR 257 a few miles upstream of the proposed I-69 highway crossing

In the midst of major flooding along the Wabash River, East and West Forks of the White River, and the Ohio River, the state of Indiana is poised to begin construction of an I-69 crossing over the East Fork White River which will worsen flooding on about 6,000 acres of floodplain land including very productive farmland.  HEC has filed an administrative petition challenging the Indiana Department of Natural Resources permit for this river crossing, alleging that the permit was improperly issued and will permit flooding and environmental impacts above allowable levels. Flood levels will rise nearly one foot higher than presently occurs as a result of the highway’s White River bridges and 25 foot high, 2 mile long causeway. The East Fork White River has been described by the Indiana DNR as having “a highly diverse fish community”.  It is one of Indiana’s “outstanding rivers”, and ranked as the fourth best Indiana river for aquatic diversity.  The State of Indiana should be seeking to lessen flooding impacts and prevent flood damage, not worsen these impacts as the I-69 highway will do.

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