A few short weeks ago, the U.S. Senate defeated not one, but four attempts to strip EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions as a harmful pollutant.  Three of these attempts were temporary delays on EPA action, and one would have permanently stripped EPA of their authority.

The three bills focused on delaying EPA action were: the Baucus amendment (defeated 7-93); the Stabenow amendment (defeated 7-93); and the Rockefeller amendment (defeated 12-88).  These three amendments would have placed a two-year ban – or moratorium – on EPA efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The McConnell amendment, on the other hand, would have permanently stripped EPA from their authority to regulate greenhouse gasses under the Clean Air Act.  This amendment was barely defeated, by a 50-50 vote (60 votes would have been needed to pass).

The U.S. Senate stopped these amendments from limiting the EPA’s authority to control greenhouse gas emissions.  Indiana’s Senators, however, supported these measures.  Both Lugar and Coats voted in support of the McConnell amendment.  And the language in these amendments is likely to reappear – but this time, attached to the budget bill or the debt ceiling bill, which will make it harder to remove or veto.

While Congress is on break, we have a chance to reach our legislators right in their districts.  Call the district offices of Senators Lugar and Coates, and call your U.S. Representative.  Urge them to oppose any riders in the budget bill and the debt bill that would revoke EPA’s authority or reduce funding for their efforts!

To contact Senator Lugar:  http://lugar.senate.gov/contact/
To contact Senator Coats:  http://coats.senate.gov/contact/

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