By Falon French
China is rapidly investing in clean energy – not by some pie-in-the-sky idealism or deep concern for the environment, but because they want to tap into one of the world’s fastest-growing economic sectors. Critical to China’s clean energy boom has been the enactment of the national Renewable Electricity Standard, in conjunction with other state-endorsed policies for renewable electricity and energy efficient manufacturing. These policies enabled China to draw in $12 billion in investment last year, and New Energy Finance predicts renewable investment in China will climb to $270 billion by 2020.

The U.S. is, in contrast, struggling to pass the strong clean energy policy that will incent companies to shift to low-carbon technologies, promote energy efficiency, and spur investments in renewable energy. If we act now, we still have the chance to take our rightful place as a global leader in clean energy manufacturing. If we wait until other countries, like China, have already established themselves as world leaders, we will get left behind.

There is a bill in the U.S. Senate which will put us back on track to achieve our goals for energy independence and economic prosperity. A federal renewable electricity standard will accelerate investments in green energy, create good-paying manufacturing jobs, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Every day we wait to invest in these policies, we fall another day behind other countries. It is time for the U.S. to step up to the plate and finally address our air pollution and energy problems. Contact Senator Bayh and Senator Lugar and ask them to make the Bingaman renewable electricity standard their top priority during the lame duck session.

Senator Lugar:

1180 Market Tower
10 West Market Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

(317) 226-5555 p
(317) 226-5508 f

Senator Bayh:

1650 Market Tower
10 West Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 554-0750 p
(317) 554-0760 f


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