Birth Announcement

As the weather warms, heralding summer in earnest, we bring forth the blossoming of many months of effort – HEC’s new website.  You never know how long a website will take until you get going….And, it seemed, a never-ending process: sketching out a vision for a new website, getting buy-in from talented hired talent, staff, and volunteers, assessing various mock-ups, addressing every little technical challenge under the sun and, a web developer’s nightmare: last minute changes to design.    And don’t get me started on the copy, a huge undertaking in and of itself!!    But at last we’re live. But we’ll never be done.  

Special thanks to HEC uber volunteers Anne Laker, Cory Clark, David Kadlec, Elizabeth Mahoney, and Kevin McKinney, for being faithful participants in the process and to the talents of Well Done Marketing (Ken and Becky Honeywell, Scott Woolgar and Mindy Ford).  We would not have gotten to the finish line without the valiant work of Megan Bennett, our Marketing Manager, and Renee Sweany of Green Piece Indy fame.  We also owe a simply unrepayable debt to Wired Ground (Matt Sartori and his remarkable team). Without their generosity, time, talent and vision we would really have never seen launch day.

Now lies on our staff as a whole – Tim Maloney, Falon French,  Kelly Kuhn, Steven Meyer, Mary Brock, Megan and myself – to keep the content fresh and worthy of our many months of blood, sweat and tears.   (Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic).

We very much look forward to hear from you – our dear supporters – for comments, criticism, compliments – in the days and weeks ahead!

-Jesse Kharbanda, Executive Director


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