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Healthy Environment

The Hoosier Environmental  Council seeks to help Hoosiers who are harmed by environmental contamination.  While such injustice should not exist, there are communities that are disproportionately harmed by polluting industries.  Some of the most egregious public health and environmental justices issues can be found in the northern Lake County, Indiana communities.

HEC conducted a detailed needs assessment of the resources currently available to assist Lake County residents to engage in decision-making that affects their environmental health. We also surveyed more than 300 residents on what resources are needed to empower them to address their pollution concerns, and trained a community group to conduct air and water testing in their neighborhoods.

Access the full report here.
HEC Assessment of EJ Needs in Northern Lake County Communities – FINAL REPORT
HEC EJ Needs Assessment Appendix 1
HEC EJ Needs Assessment Appendix 2
HEC EJ Needs Assessment Appendix 3

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