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Green Businesses

Don’t let anyone tell you “It’s not easy bein’ green.” Businesses across Indiana are becoming more environmentally conscious every day. But more need to do so. And we’re spreading the word.

For too many years, many of Indiana’s industries have done far more harm than good to the environment. With the proper education, these businesses can adopt practices and institute policies that can change that. And it goes far beyond recycling the empty cans in the cafeteria.

Providing clean, healthy air for all employees in one step. Reducing the output of waste is another. And thankfully, there are those businesses whose primary objective is to create a healthier environment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a great website on ways to green every facet of your business.

If you know of a business that should be acting “greener,” let us know. And if there are others who deserve recognition for their efforts, we’d like to know about them, too. Your voice will be heard.   Write us at comments@hecweb.org.