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Windmill farm sunsetUrge Indiana’s US Senators to oppose the Congressional Review Act for the Clean Power Plan!

Earlier this year, the US adopted the Clean Power Plan, the first ever nationwide commitment to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. Indiana can rise to the challenge – we have the resources, technology, and the will to do so. Unfortunately, both of Indiana’s senators are currently opposing the Clean Power Plan and their votes could seriously undermine the plan, weakening global resolve to address climate change. An aggressive legislative attack is being introduced in Congress called the Congressional Review Act. If passed, the CRA would repeal the Clean Power Plan, and prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from ever passing a rule to limit carbon pollution in the future.

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Protect Our Drinking Water from Toxic Coal Ash Pollution!

Coal ash is contaminating our drinking water supplies and endangering Hoosiers’ health.   With more coal ash sludge lagoons than any other state, Indiana should be acting to ensure safe disposal of this dangerous waste, but our coal ash disposal standards are weaker than those for household trash. HEC is urging that the U.S. EPA adopt enforceable national standards for coal ash disposal.

Learn more about Indiana’s coal ash problem in HEC’s report, Our Waters at Risk.

Indiana DunesInvestments in the Great Lakes improve environmental health and create a stronger and more vibrant local economy!

Investments in the Great Lakes yield real results – not just in improved environmental health, but in a stronger and more vibrant local economy!

Help us ensure that funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is maintained at the current level!

Learn more about the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.