Protect Hoosiers Impacted by Polluting Factory Farms

Manure LagoonIndiana’s regulation of factory farms is already weak and fails in many ways to protect Hoosiers and the environment from the dangerous air and water pollution factory farms produce.

HB 1494, as amended by the House Environmental Affairs Committee, would weaken Indiana’s regulations even more by eliminating permitting requirements for:

  1. IDEM approval when replacing an existing manure storage structure (lagoon, pad, pond, pit) with a new one of the same size;
  2. public notice to impacted neighbors and local governments when making changes to a factory farm that increases the amount of manure it generates, (i.e., increased animal capacity);
  3. disclosure of the actual owners and operators of a factory farm before a factory farm can be built or expanded; and
  4. disclosure of the owner/operators’ full environmental histories before a factory farm can be built or expanded.

Eliminating these requirements undermines IDEM’s ability to ensure that new (replacement) manure storage facilities are structurally sound, prevents impacted communities from having their voices heard on whether a factory farm should be able to expand and produce even more pollution, and thwarts IDEM’s ability to ensure that bad actors are not allowed to operate factory farms in our state.

To learn more, read our full analysis of the amended bill here.

Also, to understand how HB 1494 would specifically change certain provisions of Indiana’s existing CFO law, read our chart comparing the changes HB 1494 as amended would make to existing requirements here.

TAKE ACTION! On February 15th, the House Environmental Affairs Committee approved HB 1494, as amended, by a vote of 7-3. The measure now moves to the House Floor. Please contact your own Representative and urge him or her to oppose HB 1494 and contact Speaker Brian Bosma and urge him not give the measure a floor vote. You can look up your own legislators here. And, Speaker Bosma’s contact information is here.