Help Advance Climate Solutions in Indiana

If you give in June, your donation to HEC will be doubled, thanks to the Efroymson Family Fund!

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Governor Signs SB 309

Despite immense public opposition — nearly 5,000 people called, emailed, wrote, or petitioned to the Governor — Governor Eric Holcomb has signed the anti-rooftop solar bill, SB 309, into law.

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Join Our Next Training!

Learn how you can get involved in protecting Indiana’s air, water, land, and public health during our next Environmental Advocate training.

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Fighting Unjust Right to Farm Laws

HEC filed a case in Hendricks County on behalf of rural Hoosiers harmed by a nearby factory farm, challenging the constitutionality of Indiana’s right to farm laws.

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Support the Mounds Greenway

The Mounds Greenway is a sustainable plan for conservation, recreation and economic opportunity along the West Fork White River and is proposed as an alternative to the Mounds Reservoir.

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Host a Greening Your Community Event

Help spread the word about HEC & how all Hoosiers can help protect Indiana’s air, water, public health, and more!

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The voice of the people for 30 years. The eyes and ears of everyone in Indiana who is concerned about the environment. And everyone who should be. The Hoosier Environmental Council is Indiana’s leading educator and advocate for environmental issues and policies. We are passionate about our role in shaping the state’s environmental future and all who will be affected by it.

We have made significant progress in protecting forests, groundwater, and lakes throughout the state. Yet, as unbelievable as it sounds, Forbes magazine ranks Indiana the 49th greenest state. So there is a lot of work to do. A lot of teaching. A lot of talking. And a lot of listening.

We could spend our energy pointing fingers, and those who are responsible should certainly be held accountable. But that energy would be best utilized in finding new solutions and alternatives to the practices and misguided efforts that got us where we are today. Hoosiers are smart, hard-working, resourceful people. Exactly the kind of people we’re proud to represent and to help us get the job done.