A new Republican Governor and Republican super-majorities in the Indiana House and Senate bring change for Indiana and our environment.

How Indiana’s Election Results Could Impact the Environment
If Governor Pence moves forward with the tone he used in his campaign, then we could expect a good deal of overlap to that of Governor Daniels’ positions on agriculture, energy, open spaces, and transportation issues. While HEC certainly had some critical differences with the Daniels’ administration on several environmental issues, there at least were some opportunities for common ground. Of greater concern is the possibility that some of the big corporate interests and ideologues highly critical of environmental protection could push Indiana’s new legislature and the Governor’s office to weaken the current safeguards that protect our air and water quality.

3 ways HEC is responding to the Indiana Election Results

1) Right now, we are creating our 2013 legislative agenda. Our focus is on trying to head-off major cuts to the budgets of the agencies and programs that are key to protecting our air, water, and land: Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the Indiana Heritage Trust Fund.

2) Beginning January 4th, HEC will have a full-time presence at the Indiana Statehouse. We will be meeting with legislators, advocating for bills that advance HEC’s air, land and water initiatives, developing policy briefs, releasing informational videos, and keeping you up to date on developments and how you can advocate. We will be proactively advancing initiatives that help our environment and economy, like public transit and clean energy.

3) Throughout 2013, HEC and our environmental partners will aim to establish regular engagement with Governor Pence’s policy team, and the leaders of IDEM and DNR. We will work to find common ground on issues that will help protect air and water quality, while making Indiana a better place for jobs and investment. When necessary, we may pursue legal action if we believe that a critical pollution issue could endanger our fellow citizens.

How You Can Show Support!

-Join us at our 5th Annual Greening the Statehouse on December 1st

Donate now to help HEC make a larger impact in 2013

Thank you for your support as we continue to make progress on the environment in Indiana! As always, let us know if you have any comments or questions for HEC; write us at comments@hecweb.org.


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